PINNACLE PRIMITIG AC/DC 200P with pulse 220V include WP-26V torch.


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Advanced IGBT Technology
Dual function AC/DC TIG / MMA
Suitable for Aluminium Tig welding
High frequency start TIG welding
Pulsed TIG facility
Adjustable down slope, gas pre & post flow
2T / 4T function
Adjustable ARC force in MMA welding
Supplied with TIG Torch, foot control & earth cable
Technical Data

Code: 6-100140
Input Voltage: AC 230V – 1 Phase
Rated Power Capacity: 4.5 kva
Rated Input Current: 20A
No Load Voltage: 56 V
Output Current Range: 15-200A
Post Flow Time: 0-10 s
Pulse Frequency: 0.5 – 300 Hz
Pulse Duty Cycle: 10 – 90%
Duty Cycle %: 60%
Welding Thickness: 0.5 – 10mm
Weight: 32kg


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